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December 2017

NTV - World's Most Important Private Equity Funds Managers Are in Turkey for Investment

NTV: Most important international PE funds are here in Turkey for investments. The areas that they prefer to invest are finance, energy and health. The interest of the foreign investors to Turkey continues. Washington D.C. based EMPEA’s PE fund members are in Turkey to invest.

Barış Öney: These PE funds manage more than US$ 1 trillion in emerging markets and in the world, in more than 100 countries. When we talk about PE funds, these fund managers generally raise funds for 10 years from fund owners and invest these funds to the companies for long term. When you look at their investments in a company, they beginning investing from 15 to 20 million dollars sometimes up to 200 million dollars or more depending on the company.

NTV: The biggest PE association of the world, EMPEA’s member funds, plan to invest in Turkey.

EMPEA Board Member and Spokesman Jeffrey Leonard:  Funds are mostly interested in non-bank finance, energy and health industries. Turkey is attracting most of the investments from countries like Germany, Holland and France in Europe and the US. There are also great opportunities for pension and sovereign wealth funds in Turkey. They currently hold a very small share of 2% here.

NTV: By investing in the companies, PE funds hold some of the shares of the companies and help companies grow. After reaching a certain profit, investors sell their shares and exit from the companies. International PE fund holders are generally interested in non-public firms in Turkey.
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