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May 2011

EMPEA - Key Outcomes of the IFC’s Global Private Equity Conference

Key Outcomes of the IFC’s Global Private Equity Conference

As previously shared, Globalturk Capital (http://www.globalturkcapital.com) has attended the IFC’s 13th Annual Global Private Equity Conference held in Washington, D.C. (10-11 May) in association with EMPEA (http://www.globalpeconference.com/Main-Menu-Category/Agenda_1.aspx) as a panel speaker. 

At this 2-day conference, 750 key industry players from around the globe engaged in thought-provoking discussions, debates and analyses around the theme of The New Investment Climate in Emerging Markets, identifying which markets and sectors present the most compelling investment thesis and merit increased focus, as well as explaining how investors can best position themselves to maximize returns. 

Our Managing Partner, Mr. Baris Oney represented Globalturk Capital as a panel speaker. While promoting investments to Turkey, he addressed the “private equity environment in the country and challenges faced during the pre & post investment management periods”. 

The following were the key outcomes of the Conference: 

1. Emerging markets pose very good opportunities but need to be wary and detailed in analyzing investment opportunities.

2. Although investing in BRIC countries was still there, China and India were much strongly played than Russia and Brazil. Investors were not quite comfortable lately about investing in Russia and Brazil due to some of the recent drops in investor confidence in the economy and the investment environment in those countries. 

3. Africa was quite extensively covered, where there was a serious investor appetite to move forward. 

4. Sensitivity to environmental matters were played outloud and investments to renewable energy and environmental friendly companies have increased. 

5. The level of interest in investing in Turkey has increased considerably as compared to previous years, and there was a serious effort from the investors to really understand the market better. Key challenges for Turkey to reach the level of China and India as far as private equity investments are concerned, are to do a lot more promotion in the private equity world, and to improve the macro situation in the country as much as possible. 

6. Middle East investors, who haven’t yet invested in Turkey, started exploring the investment opportunities in a much closer manner. 

7. Investors considering Turkey were looking at it also from a portfolio diversification point of view. 

8. Fund of funds who have invested in Turkey through some of the local investment management companies were quite satisfied and content with the performance of their portfolios. There were also investors who have showed their admiration on Turkey’s recent macro economic performance. 

9. Overall, the Turkey session has increased the level of awareness about Turkey in the eyes of investors and as a result, it is believed that the appetite will increase much more going forward.

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