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December 2017

CNN TÜRK - Directed Trillion Assets Fund Representatives Are in Turkey

CNN TÜRK: Trillion dollar funds, took their routes to Turkey. More than 200 PE fund representatives from Turkey and abroad met in the 3rd Annual Executive Briefing on Private Equity in Turkey and Environs. International PE fund holders who participated to the event provided more than US$ 30 billion of funds to Turkey to date (2017). These PE funds, invest in the growth story of Turkey. World’s biggest PE fund representatives managing US$ 1 trillion of assets worldwide are in Turkey. 3rd Annual Executive Briefing on Private Equity in Turkey and Environs gathered more than 100 PE fund representatives. These fund managers had also met President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan during his visit to the US. EMPEA Turkey Representative Barış Öney said that the funds are investing to Turkey’s growth story.

Barış Öney: For the last 3 years, we have been running serious activities with these funds regarding Turkey. Let me talk about the PE funds briefly first. PE fund managers, raise funds and invest in various countries/companies for 10 years. The markets they invest in may vary from Western Europe to China, or emerging markets where Turkey is among them.

CNN TÜRK: International fund holders provided more than US$ 30 billion of funds to Turkey to date. Only in 2017, the amount of the provided sources is about US$ 4 billion.

Barış Öney: These funds are mostly the ones who have been investing in Turkey’s growth story. When you look at Turkey’s story, the demographics of the country, its young population is very important. They invest where there is consumption. They have invested in the consumer market, retail, food sectors, e-commerce etc. We expect in 2018 and beyond that these PE funds will invest more in the emerging markets. And within the emerging markets, Turkey comes as one of the most important countries to attract these funds.

CNN TÜRK: Mr. Öney suggests that the latest tensions between Turkey and the US is not likely to effect the investments.

Barış Öney: We are not effected by day to day issues. Surely the currency volatility is an important risk. We also see that there is a great effort to stabilize the investment environment. The views of the PE funds are very positive. If we can organize such an event despite the tensions, it means that investors are coming.
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