“The ones who underestimate experience, pay a high price for inexperience.”
February 2014

4th Turkey Acquisition Finance & Private Equity Forum


Barış Öney attended the 4th Turkey Acquisition Finance & Private Equity Forum organised by Euromoney as the moderator in the “Mid Market & Venture Capital” panel. Financing M&A transactions, opportunities in the bond markets, LBOs and the challenges of private equity funds during fund raising, investing and exits were discussed at the Forum with the top industry professionals. Deals in Turkey vs Europe was also part of the agenda. Is Girisim presented Aras Kargo as its success story. The Conference also focused on legal issues deeply and relevant topics were addressed by expert lawyers. 

Barış Öney moderated the panel, discussing with Murat Özgen (CEO, Is Private Equity), Emre Mimaroglu (Partner, TRPE Capital), Gokhan Arikoc (Director, Pera Capital Partners) and Burak Dalgin (Managing Director, Darby Overseas Investments), the opportunities and challenges of investing in small to mid-caps in Turkey. Oney mentioned that Turkey is an SME country and has more than 500,000 SMEs where the market presents abundance of opportunities but equally highly challenging and needs hands-on and experienced investors. Also, exits are possible not only to strategics but to larger PEs where in Turkey such PEs are pretty available in the market. The panelists talked about their experiences in verious transactions
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