“The ones who underestimate experience, pay a high price for inexperience.”

Barış Öney, MSc., CF – Managing Partner


I- Mgmt/CFA/I-Bnkg/Mgmt
  • Pre & Post Investment Management & Advisory
  • Private Equity Advisory
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • IPOs (ISE, NYSE, others)
  • Valuation
  • Due Diligence 
  • International Expansion
  • US & EU Relations
Positions in Intl/Lcl Comps
  • Board Member
  • Board Rep/Advisor
  • CEO, CFO and CXO
  • NGO Boards
Over 25 years of worldwide and diverse experience in pre and post investment management, M&As, IPOs and strategic advisory as a CEO, CFO, board member and advisor, investment banker, corporate finance advisor, strategic/intl business development manager and as a project manager and engineer.
Founder and Managing Partner - Barış Öney, established Globalturk Capital in January 2011, a pre and post investment management and advisory sevices company, where Globalturk Capital’s partners take active roles and responsibilities at the boards of foreign and Turkish equity partnerships, and work hands-on for the smooth and problem-free functioning of the Board and company operations. Partners also assist Turkish entrepreneurs who want to prepare their companies to raise capital from private equity investors, through IPOs, or partner with or sell their stakes to foreign strategic buyers. He also leads Globalturk Capital in its fundraising efforts to set-up a private equity fund for small to mid-caps to invest as growth capital in the telecoms ecosystem, renewable energy, environmental technologies and any high growth niche businesses. 

Investment Banking and Corporate Finance/M&A/Private Equity Partner – Chief Executive – Barış Öney has worked in the investment banking/corporate finance advisory practice at various capacities as an advisory partner, operating partner and/or an executive manager since early 1994. He has managed, as the lead/co-lead manager, more than 100 cross-border M&A, private equity, IPO, privatization, due diligence and valuation projects on the sell and buy side equity and debt finance for clients, both large conglomerates and small to mid-market companies. Assignments covered setting up and managing investment banking/corporate finance advisory practices in three of the most renowned financial institutions in Turkey as Deloitte (Partner), Yapı Kredi Yatırım (acting AGM) and TSKB (Director), and the strategic/international business development – M&A Department of the Turkcell Group (Group Head). Assignments also included managing a private equity investee company in the mobile marketing and advertising sector, as the CEO and CFO/M&A executive. 

Engineering Manager - Barış Öney has worked as an engineering manager/consultant in the chemicals and oil & gas sectors in US, Turkey and Libya between 1984-93 and later between 2003-05 in Iraq. Procter & Gamble-Turkey, Flour Daniel-USA, Petrosan-AGOCO-Libya, TPAO, Turkey and Genel Enerji-Iraq were the companies he took part in major infrastructure and production capital investment projects.

Memberships - TUSİAD, TUBISAD and Turkish-American Business Council at at various executive roles. 

Education – ICAEW-UK, Corporate Finance Diploma; U. of Texas at Austin, MSc (via Fulbright Scholarship); Middle East Technical University, BSc; University of Tulsa, Management Certificate; New York Institute of Finance, International Corporate Finance Certificate; TED Ankara Koleji; Falmer High School, Sussex, England
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